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Eat eggs to increase your libido – Nutritionist



eggs, libido

A Nutritionist, Maribel Asomboya, has revealed that consumption of eggs improves the Libido of both men and women. She said eggs improve and maintain the necessary hormones that helps in sustaining the sexual drive in men especially.

She made this known at the Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat’s (GNECS) one-day training program for Egg sellers and producers on egg standards and benefits of egg consumption at Tema.

Madam Asomboya, who works with the Ghana Health Service (GHS), also asserted that, the benefits of egg supersedes the myths associated with its consumption. She has therefore advised the public to promote the benefits of egg consumption among all persons to improve their health status.

She said, “Egg is a superfood because it has all the essential nutrients in it, and there is a recommendation that, you should consume an egg or two a day. Egg is an aphrodisiac especially for men, it has a hormone that promotes sexual drive”.

Addressing the participants at the training, the National Coordinator of GNECS, Madam Comfort Acheampong, disclosed that the Association in collaboration with the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has produced an egg standard for all egg sellers, producers and consumers in the country.

She further noted that for over ten (10) years now egg has no standards in the country, however, with the support of two USDA projects, they ensured that an egg standard is developed to help farmers to have a better standard and authority over what they are producing.

Madam Comfort added that the training would enable stakeholders in poultry to understand the importance of egg consumption to be able to educate others in their various catchment areas.

She opined that the training of all stakeholders throughout the country on the standards and benefits of egg will get all persons informed and that those undergoing the training now will become trainer of trainers.

Samuel Kwatia, an Officer from the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) expressed delight at the level of comprehension of the sellers and producers of egg during the training. He said the participants showed high interest in how crack eggs can be managed so as not be become infected.

He advised poultry farmers to take critical look at meeting the required standards so as to export eggs from the country to more advanced countries with high foreign exchange to improve their business.

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