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YTD returns on equities near 30% as benchmark index rises to 3,166 points



In a day of modest yet notable fluctuations, the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) displayed resilience as it edged upward by a marginal 0.38 points, culminating in a closing figure of 3,166.42 points. This uptick in the GSE-Composite Index marked another positive stride in its year-to-date (YTD) performance, which has now reached an impressive 29.56%.

Concurrently, the Financial Stocks Index mirrored this trend, albeit with a slight margin of 0.7 points, concluding the trading session at 1,878.93 points. However, the year-to-date trajectory for the Financial Stocks Index remained less favorable, with a posted loss of -8.46%.

Amidst this market backdrop, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) stood out as the solitary gainer of the day, seizing an opportunity to increase its stock price by GH¢0.03, thereby securing a closing position at GH¢19.48.

Nonetheless, the overall market capitalization experienced a dip of GH¢4.04 million, ultimately settling at GH¢74.12 billion. This minor setback did little to deter the broader market sentiment.

Trading volume and value exhibited noteworthy upswings, surging by 40.62% and an impressive 411.12%, respectively, compared to the previous trading session. A total of seventeen (17) equities entered the fray during this session, adding depth to the day’s trading activities.

Remarkably, TOTAL emerged as the front-runner in terms of volume, orchestrating the transaction of 183,183 shares valued at GH¢1,648,647.00. This commanding figure represented a substantial 88.92% of the total value traded. MTNGH, on the other hand, contributed 3.71% to the total turnover. In a contrasting turn of events, GOIL occupied the role of the least traded equity among the top 5 in terms of volume traded.

The Ghana Stock Exchange exhibited a day of nuanced movements and notable resilience. With SCB taking the lead as the day’s sole winner and trading activities experiencing robust growth, market participants continue to navigate these dynamic waters with measured optimism.

Source: norvanreports

Jeorge Wilson Kingson is the Managing Editor of ArtCraft Media Consult (Publishers of and, and a consulting Editor for The Corporate Guardian Magazine. He is the Chairman of the Media Alliance in Tobacco Control and Health (MATCOH). He is also the National Coordinator for the International Standards Journalism Association (ISJA) and the National Online Newsportals Coordinator for the Private Newspaper and Online Newsportals Publishers Association of Ghana (PRINPAG). He is a senior member of Ghana's Parliamentary Press Corps. He is the ACS Global Cancer Ambassador for Ghana and a Peace Advocate

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