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GRA refutes allegations of auctioning COCOBOD’s chemicals, fertilizers



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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has debunked media allegations that it has auctioned chemicals, fertilizers and other items belonging to COCOBOD due to nonpayments of import duties.

As statement from GRA noted that a publication in the February 2, 2024 edition of the Herald Newspaper, headlined “GRA auctioning COCOBOD’s chemicals, fertilizers, others” made those unfounded allegation.

The said article stated that Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) is unable to pay import duties on some agro chemicals, fertilizers and implements to be used in enhancement of cocoa farming and this has led to an auction of these items by GRA resulting in dire implications to the cocoa season,” it said.

But GRA described the article as Management “disingenuous and misleading” and seeks to draw conclusions not founded on facts.

It said the facts are that in April and May 2023, COCOBOD imported some agro chemicals and other items into the country, and the items overstayed at the State Warehouse, so they were transferred to the Uncleared Cargo List (UCL), and were duly gazetted as the law demands.

However, contrary to the allegations by the newspaper, because the agro products are essential commodities needed for effective running of the operations of COCOBOD, they were not allocated to a different entity.

As such, although the containers were under UCL, GRA carefully considered the request from COCOBOD and the key role it plays in the economy of Ghana and restored the items to them,” the statement said.

According to GRA, COCOBOD has since paid the required duties on the agro chemicals, so, “no agro product of COCOBOD has been auctioned.”

GRA therefore entreated the general public to disregard the false publication and to verify any such information before publication.

We further state that GRA recognizes the

contribution of COCOBOD to the development of the country and will therefore not carry

out any action that is detrimental to its operations while at the same time ensuring that the Tax laws are applied fairly,” the statement said.

The GRA also assured the public of its commitment to its mandate of revenue mobilization with integrity, fairnes sand professionalism.


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