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Ghana explores strategic partnership with China to establish direct flights, boosting trade and connectivity



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In a move set to redefine regional connectivity and elevate trade relations between Ghana and China, Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta has unveiled Ghana’s ambitious endeavor to forge a strategic alliance with China aimed at establishing direct flights linking Accra and Guangzhou.

The envisaged direct flight route promises to streamline travel and commerce, fostering deeper economic bonds between the two nations.

The revelation by the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, follows his recent high-level diplomatic mission to China, where discussions centered on fortifying bilateral ties and exploring avenues for collaboration across diverse sectors, notably aviation.

Spearheaded by Ghana’s Embassy in Beijing and the Ministry of Transport, the ongoing talks underscore the pivotal role of aviation in catalyzing economic synergies.

We will be collaborating with a major player in China’s aviation industry to explore the provision of aviation services for the West African Region via a direct flight from Accra to Guangzhou to facilitate mobility and commerce between Ghana, the broader West African region, and China,” stated Mr Ofori-Atta.

Making the disclosure in an interview with the Business & Financial Times, Mr Ofori-Atta articulated Ghana’s intent to collaborate with a prominent entity in China’s aviation domain, aiming to facilitate aviation services across the West African region through a direct air link between Accra and Guangzhou.

This initiative dovetails with Ghana’s overarching economic strategy, which underscores the leveraging of strategic partnerships with global stakeholders to propel growth and development. The proposed direct flights are poised to unlock fresh prospects for trade, investment, and tourism, solidifying Ghana’s stature as a pivotal regional hub.


Further expounding on the objectives of his delegation’s visit to China, the Minister accentuated the imperative of nurturing a resilient and enduring partnership between Ghana and China. Key focal points encompassed securing financial backing for Ghana’s economic revitalization endeavors and finalizing external bilateral and commercial debt treatment within the ambit of the G20 common framework.

Acknowledging China’s instrumental role in facilitating Ghana’s engagements with international financial institutions, particularly as co-chair of the Official Creditor Committee (OCC), Minister Ofori-Atta expressed gratitude for China’s concerted efforts to expedite the finalization of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ghana and the OCC, a pivotal milestone in Ghana’s debt resolution process.

Furthermore, the Minister underscored the significance of fostering robust engagement with Chinese enterprises to galvanize foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into Ghana. Deliberations during the visit centered on diverse sectors including infrastructure, renewable energy, technology, aviation services, and industrial expansion.

The Minister highlighted tangible outcomes of the visit, including commitments from Chinese authorities to bolster Ghana’s debt resolution process, deliberations on avenues for deeper collaboration in mutually beneficial areas, and the consolidation of Ghana’s longstanding rapport with China.

Looking ahead, Ofori-Atta articulated an optimistic economic trajectory for Ghana in 2024, citing favorable indicators such as diminishing inflation, resilient currency performance, and augmented growth forecasts.

Reaffirming the government’s commitment to executing fiscal reforms and growth strategies, the Minister outlined forthcoming initiatives encompassing the establishment of a steering committee for the Ghana Mutual Prosperity Partnership and the expeditious implementation of the 2024 Budget.

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