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WhatsApp to allow sharing of uncompressed videos, pictures



Meta is said to be developing a new feature that will allow users of WhatsApp to share images and videos in their uncompressed, original resolution.

Currently, even thought WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in many parts of the worldby a landslide margin, the app has its flaws, like aggressive compression for all shared media.

Earlier this month, Meta introduced support for sharing HD images and videos on WhatsApp, but the supported resolutions are still a far cry from the capabilities of the best smartphone camera systems.

The new HD video sharing option enabled on WhatsApp currently, reduces 4K videos to 720p, which are noticeably blurry on even mid-range phone displays, and even more so on larger screens like tablets.

But the new feature being developed by Meta will allow all media to be shared in their original high quality state via the WhatsApp gallery-style image/video sharing.

Users would no longer have to attach pictures and videos as documents before retaining the quality. The new feature will allow users to share images and videos using the original WhatsApp media sharing interface and not the Android route.

A beta version of the new feature is currently being tested ahead of a global release later in the year.

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