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Philanthropy Conference: Ibrahim Tanko Eulogizes Ghanaian for relief efforts towards Akosombo Dam Spillage Victims



Executive Director of Star Ghana Foundation, Amidu Ibrahim-Tanko has said the rapid relief response from Ghanaians in addressing the challenges of the Akosombo Dam Spillage, reveals the philanthropic nature of the ordinary Ghanaian during crises.

He however noted that, a more consented collaboration among these philanthropy support organizations would have yielded more pragmatic results.

Ibrahim Tanko, Philanthropic Conference, Star Ghana Ibrahim-Tanko, speaking to the media on the sidelines of the Ghana Philanthropy Conference 2023, organized by Star Ghana Foundation and other stakeholder, stated that relief efforts of individuals, media, faith-based organizations and Civil Society Organization (CSO) during the spillage was highly commendable. He insists that the spontaneous response explain why the Ghanaian has survived and continue to thrive in spite of challenges.

It has been amazing that without prompting from government or external source there has been a spontaneous response to see what we can do in our individual ways. I think it is the area of coordination and collaboration that we haven’t done very well” he noted.

Ibrahim Tanko also clarified that the Philanthropic conference seeks to address the sustainability of philanthropic efforts beyond crisis response and moving beyond seeing communities as just recipients and identify them as the centre of conversations for development.

He further indicated that philanthropic work should not be characterized with logos, egos and silos but rather collaboration, peer learning and synergizing for the greater good of the communities.

On her part, the Executive Director of the Africa Philanthropy Network, Dr. Stigmata Tenga asserted that the Ghana Philanthropy Conference was significant and timeous for members of the Africa philanthropy ecosystem to share experiences and connect to find home grown solutions to the problems that face the continent. She noted that philanthropy support organization must work with governments across the continent to design policy and programs that enhances sustainable development.

Dr. Tenga said the conference also offers Civil Society Organization (CSO) the chance to interact with Regulatory agencies on policy challenges and the way forward. She noted that though Africa Civil Society Organizations (CSO) still receive external support, their contribution of human resource and capacity for the attainment of project goals cannot be under emphasized.

Leaders of CSO in Africa come with very important resource thus their intellectual capacity, understanding of the context and their commitment to volunteer their time to design solutions and there is no funding source that can solve that” she emphasized.

She insists that philanthropy is a potential tool for sustainable development of the Africa continent and advocates for baseline study to measure the monetary value of all the resources the African can tap into to solve its problems.

The Dutch ambassador to Ghana, Jeroen Verheul in a solidarity message expressed the readiness of the Dutch government to continue supporting programs that enhance active citizenship at all level.

Ibrahim Tanko, Philanthropic Conference, Star Ghana He further noted that Ghana must harmonize Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) and “Big Man or Woman” philanthropy for attainment of the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) of the United Nation(UN).

The two days conference will have various keynote speakers and panel conversations on the role of philanthropy for sustainable development with an overview of opportunities, challenges and the way forward.


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