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People are more afraid of pregnancy than HIV – Medical Doctor laments



Dr. Omaima Arab, a medical doctor at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, has expressed worry about the prioritization of avoiding pregnancy over preventing sexually transmitted diseases, emphasizing the importance of using condoms for both purposes, particularly in non-committed or unmarried relationships.

Speaking to Accra-based 3FM, Dr. Arab stressed the effectiveness of condoms in preventing both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. She urged individuals who are not in committed or marital relationships to consider using condoms as a precautionary measure.

Offering advice, she stated, “Well, the only advice I can give is sometimes a moment of pleasure can cost you a lifetime of pain. As long as you’re not married to the person or you guys are not exclusive when it comes to having sex, the best option is using a condom because it not only protects you against conceiving but also against sexually transmitted infections, which is the major concern of the day.”

Dr. Arab explained the societal perception that pregnancy is more visible than HIV, which can remain hidden for an extended period. She pointed out that some individuals fear pregnancy more than HIV because the former exposes their sexual activity to the world, while the latter can be kept confidential.

The reason is that the pregnancy usually announces itself that you are actually pregnant. Unlike HIV, no one’s going to know you have it unless you tell them. Because if you’re on medications for life, you will just be like any other person,” she added.

Dr Arab emphasized that individuals living with HIV can appear healthy and normal if they adhere to medication but stressed the importance of disclosing their status to sexual partners. Using condoms, she highlighted, is a crucial measure to minimize the risk of transmitting or contracting HIV and other STIs, in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies.

No one will actually know until you actually decide to open up to someone and inform them that you’re actually positive. So yes, they are scared of the pregnancy because it shows the world will know. Unlike HIV,” she said.

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