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Ghana Mine Workers Union threatens to take over Future Global Resources at Prestea



The Ghana Mine Workers Union is threatening to take over the operations of Future Global Resources as its last option if all necessary moves to get a new investor to manage the mining operations in Prestea Bogoso in the Western region fails.

According to the Union, the current management has been incompetent and lacks the financial capability to continue the mining operations, a situation that is likely to affect the livelihoods of more than 2000 workers.

The union is therefore cautioning the government to take over the mines for different investors who are capable of reviving its operations or face the wrath of workers.

Future Global Resources is reported to be facing some difficulties in recent times with its operations in Bogoso Prestea mines.

According to the Ghana Mine Workers Union, there are some foreign and local investors willing to take over the operations to make the mines active again.

Speaking to Journalists at a press conference on the developments, General Secretary, Abdul-Moomin Gbana, called on the government to get the mines working again as soon as possible.

We as a union are more concerned about the livelihoods of workers and members which is more than 2000. So we want to advise and caution the government through the Minerals Commission to do the needful and revoke the mining permit for another capable investor to inject some funds and make the mine work again”.

“Failure by government, we shall look at options which includes taking over the concession whether legal or illegal and we shall ensure that the necessary measures are taken to bring the mine back to life” he warned.

He therefore believes that any move by the management of Future Global Resources to put the operations under care and maintenance will hurt the local economy of the entire region.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources is expected to hold a meeting with the union concerning the issue before the end of the week.

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