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Gbawe District Presby walks for peace



The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG)-Gbawe District, in the Greater Accra Region, on Saturday [November 21, 2020] walked through some of the principal streets of Gbawe and Mallam to drum home the need for peace for the December 7, polls.

The almost three-hour walk, organised by the Committee on Ecumenical and Social Relations of the PCG-Gbawe District, was aimed at promoting peace before, during and after the forthcoming election. It was themed “Unity In Diversity Peace Walk.”

The members, numbering about 100 came from various PCG branches in the Gbawe district. These included PCG-Calvary, Mallam, PCG-Riis Congregation, Gbawe, PCG-Redemption, CP, PCG-Trinity, Buleme among others.

They members held placards, some of which read: “Say No To Violence”; Don’t Risk Peace For Money”; Love For All, Hatred For None”; Ghana First, Politics Is Not Insults”; and “All For Peace, Peace For All.”

Presby, peace, election 2020, Gbawe

Speaking to the press after the walk, the District Minister of PCG-Gbawe, Reverend Adom Adjah, explained that the reason for embarking upon the walk was to send a clear message to the contesting political parties to promote peace, particularly when in less than one month the country will be going to the polls to elect a President and 275 members of Parliament (MP).

According to him, elections afforded people the chance to express their views, especially where we have people who want to lead this country.

Many of our politicians are Christians and Moslems and as Christians and Moslems they must always seek and ensure peace wherever they find themselves. Our politicians must always do and say things that would show that indeed they believe in God,” he advised.

He also urged the Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure a level playing field for all the players in this year’s election.

The commission must do everything possible to make sure the forthcoming election is free, fair and transparent,” he urged.

Presby, peace, election 2020, Gbawe

This, when done by the commission, would make the contesting parties respect the results after they are announced, the district minister stressed.

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For her part, the Director of the Committee on Ecumenical and Social Relations—PCG-Gbawe District, Rev Mrs Etoile A. Djanie, said election was not about violence but a period “for us as Ghanaians, Christians and Muslims to put Ghana first.”

It is a time for us to reflect on a decision that will ensure that we have good roads, potable & clean water, security in our homes and financial freedom that will help shape our lives. If this is the case, then we must know that without PEACE, before, during & after this election, we make a great shipwreck of the achievement we have collectively earned over the period of Ghana’s democratic consolidation,” she said.

Against this backdrop, she called on Ghanaians to maintain the current peace in the country.

I personally pledge to say NO to anything that will compromise the peace and stability of our dearest Ghana and I want to charge you to do same. Especially to our youth. Please, be wise! Do not allow yourselves to be instruments of violence. Let us support all the relevant stakeholders, the Electoral Commissioner and her representatives, by adhering to all the rules and procedures prescribed for this election. The ballot box is not for us to keep but for the EC to decide,” she asserted.

Furthermore, the director of the committee on ecumenical social relations entreated political party representatives to lead in ensuring that the right words were uttered with right actions.

Just as the Moderator of the PCG said recently, any leader who does not use the right words of PEACE is against Ghana’s development and must be rejected outright.

As a Church we believe that we must pursue peace with all men (Hebrews 12: 24). We believe in the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ when He said, “my Peace, I leave with you; my peace I give you (John 14: 27)”. The violent can never be Blessed but the PEACEMAKERS (Matt 5: 9).

We therefore charge all and sundry, to put Ghana first. BE A PEACEMAKER at home, your workplace, school, church and wherever you find yourself. Your power is with your thumb and never a machete,” Rev Djanie noted.