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56% of Ghanaian drivers learn driving through apprenticeship- Driver Mo report



Ghanaian drivers, apprenticeship, Driver Mo report

56% of Ghanaian drivers were inclined to learn driving through apprenticeship, while 19% of the drivers were self-thought and only 23% of drivers learned driving at the various professional driving schools according to the 2022 Driver Mo report.

The report further stated that female dominated the approach of learning through the driving schools when compared to men.

The 2022 ‘Driver Mo’ Report was launched by the Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) on Wednesday, January 25, in Accra.

In a presentation of the findings of the report, the President of Young Africans for Opportunities, Nathaniel Dwamena admonished insurance companies in the country to provide incentives that promote good driving.

As part of its advocacy work, YAFO last year set out to work on the Driver Mo Report. The general objective of the study was to ascertain vehicle insurance experiences in Ghana.

The research focused on the perception of vehicle insurance while ascertaining the current level of insurance access.

YAFO also wanted to identify the structural bottlenecks when clients are assessing vehicle insurance claims and the related value of the claims/rewards.

Finally, the advocacy group sought to explore the level of confidence in insurance and experience with claim processes.

At the end of the research, YAFO in the Driver Mo Report disclosed that Ghanaians see comprehensive insurance as expensive compared to income levels.

Also, the report noted that most Ghanaians (82%) often do not have an interest in filing complaints or reporting for reasons attributed to a bureaucratic delay in the processing amounting to being awarded an insurance claim, and the perceived unwillingness of the insurance companies to pay for claims.

YAFO President Nathaniel Dwamena stressed that these findings are a threat to the Insurance space and need to be addressed.

He said through the report, his outfit is advocating to get stakeholders involved to

What we are trying to do is to bring some of these issues to the limelight and then we curb these problems and then at the end of the day the subscriber and the insurance company, we all serve the players better and everybody becomes happy,” Nathaniel Dwamena shared.

The YAFO President added, “We are recommending that third-party insurance should be abolished and rather have the comprehensive being categorized in various sectors.

We also recommend that there should be more education for everybody to understand their role.

“Then again, we want claim procedures to be made easy and the duration for processing claims should be done in about a month.”

President Nathaniel Dwamena further advised that Ghanaians must not just see vehicle insurance as something they need to get to avoid harassment from the police but must see it as a necessity driven by the market and more safety mechanisms.

Charles Ansong Dankyi, Senior Manager in Charge of Marketing and External Relations, speaking on behalf of the National Insurance Commissioner, applauded Young Africans for conducting the research.

He admitted that although the insurance industry is very encouraging, there are issues of uninsured vehicles on our roads.

Dankyi encouraged Ghanaians to contact his outfit whenever insurance companies refuse to pay claims.

Where there is a legitimate claim and the insurance company refuses to pay the claim, the insurer must report the issue to the National Insurance Commission who is the regulator for the necessary intervention,” Ansong stressed.

He further advised the public to always make the effort to read the policy document to know what it covers and what it does not cover, stressing that it is very important in order not to be shortchanged.

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1 Comment

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