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Vivo Energy holds annual Safety Day



Vivo Energy, Safety Day

Vivo Energy, the pan-African retailer and marketer of Shell and Engen-branded fuels and lubricants, has held its annual Safety Day across the whole company, reinforcing the importance of Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality (HSSEQ) at Vivo Energy.

Safety Day is an opportunity for all employees and contractors at Vivo Energy to refocus on the importance of HSSEQ.

This year’s Safety Day theme is Learning to be Safer and focuses on how a combination of commitment and competency in safety helps create empowerment, allowing us to strengthen our safety culture even further. As part of Safety Day, we invited colleagues, contractors and partners to share examples of how they are Learning to be Safer, to encourage replication of best practice.

Commenting on Safety Day, Grant Bairstow, Head of HSSEQ for the Vivo Energy Group said: “Safety is integral to our business and Vivo Energy’s long-term success in Africa.  We must all continue to learn to be safer and close any HSSEQ competence gaps.  We can never be fully safe, and by encouraging a positive and learning approach will ensure we never become complacent about safety.”

In addition to employees sharing examples of how they are Learning to be Safer, each market has developed a programme of activities to remind their employees to focus on HSSEQ, culminating in physical and virtual events this week.

Reenforcing our Safety commitment, Kader Maiga, Managing Director, Vivo Energy Ghana added: “Our ultimate ambition is to achieve a world-class safety culture, where HSSEQ is fully integrated into the ways of working for all parties at Vivo Energy.  Whilst safety is embedded across the company, our annual Safety Day provides a moment for all our teams to ensure we are doing everything we can to achieve our aim of ‘Goal Zero’ – no harm to people and minimising our impact on the environment. To this end, Vivo Energy Ghana, together with our contractors have worked for 4291 Days without any impact to People and environment as at End September 2022”

Vivo Energy continues to work hard to achieve its HSSEQ goals in order to make continued progress towards its vision of becoming Africa’s most respected energy business.

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