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UNIPASS notifies stakeholders on exporter application for AfCFTA



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Managers of the Integrated Customs Management Systems have issued a communique to Stakeholders and exporters on the commencement of registration for goods under the continental free trade area.

The notice  from the ICUMS implementation team indicates that henceforth, any exporter or importer who wishes to trade under the new trade deal must pass through the ICUMS managed by UNIPASS.

The process of registration is the first step in ensuring that there is a seamless process for both importers and exporters that want to take advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Initially, two Ghanaian firms, thus Kasapreko and Ghandour Cosmetics exported products on the first week of the official start of trade without the ICUMS registration process.

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The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority together with the implementation team of ICUMS issued a directive to begin the process for registration Monday 18th January.

The process for registration was communicated to exporters in a notice which reads “We are pleased to inform you that the online process for the application of the AfCFTA Exporter Registration in ICUMS has been completed and implemented.

All potential AfCFTA Exporters should consult with a declarant to process their applications.

They should complete the form and attached all relevant supporting documents and submit”.

Commissioner of Customs Col. Kwadjo Damoah (RTD) told Joybusiness that Customs Officials have been equipped to help exporters go through the process to ensure that the implementation becomes successful.

This therefore puts Ghana ahead of its peers on the continent with regards to the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement which has been ratified by 35 countries so far.

Source: Joynews

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