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Mark-to-market’ approach is not ‘haircut’– SEC boss



Mark-to-market’, SEC, haircut

The Securities and Exchange Commission has dismissed the perception that the ‘mark-to market’ valuation method in the valuation of investment assets or securities is a ‘haircut’.

The ‘haircut’ policy may be implemented if the country embarks on a debt restructuring as a result of a condition by the International Monetary Fund before Ghana can secure a programme.

But according to the Director General of SEC, Rev. Daniel Ogbarmey-Tetteh, it does not have details regarding the potential debt restructuring.

There is a lot of speculation as to what government will do or what government will agree with the IMF regarding its debt to ensure sustainability. We don’t have the details but there is a speculation in the system about the haircut”, he disclosed on the Super Morning Show.

“But when we talk about that ‘mark-to-market’, it has nothing to do with the haircut. We just say that it is a valuation approach or methodology that we want the fund managers to use to indicate to the investing public that looking at the current market price of the securities you have invested in, this is what the value will be…it is nothing about haircut at all”, he explained.

Furthermore, Rev. Ogbamey-Tetteh said there is a concept of unrealised gain and unrealised loss, noting, “When it comes to investment, when there is a decline in your investment and you sell or you exit, then you locked in that loss”.

But because of the fact that market prices can move up and down overtime, it is  possible for whatever decline you would have relaised will be erased”, he added.

He however urged fund managers to be transparent with investors who are seeking to know the true value of their investments.

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