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Making Online Education available to All Students everywhere



Making Online Education available to All Students everywhere

We are pleased to introduce to Ghana and West Africa, and later the whole continent of Africa, and the world, a common platform for learning.

Traditionally teachers met students in buildings on large tracts of land set aside for sharing knowledge in the form of courses taught by teachers. At the University level this involves millions and even billions of dollars invested.

In places like Africa millions are denied opportunities due to poor infrastructure and distance from available schools and amenities. This should not be so anymore. Today cell phones and Wi-Fi Internet reaches many more millions than a few years ago and expanding. The cost of telecommunication devices keep dropping every year.

MyGlobalStudents (MGS) is a platform designed by a Ghanaian company in collaboration with a private vision originated in California called Global Data Design by Dr. Kwaku A. Danso.

In the 1960s Ghana had a vision from first Premier and President Kwame Nkrumah to develop her own technologies including Electronics and Telecommunications. Some brilliant students were given scholarships to Western nations with aim to be employed in Ghana on graduation. The overthrow of Nkrumah and his vision has meant innovative idea and implementation were delayed or thwarted.

MyGlobalStudents (MGS) offers this platform as a beginning of many innovative ideas in the planning for all students to catch up and be at par with their contemporaries elsewhere. The telecom sector of Ghana is needed for this to be realized and this era of Covid-19 has tested the technological limits, and even created a greater demand making improvements in networks a necessity in modern life.

We urge all teachers to register with us and we will show them how to upload and add their quizzes and exams and other information as needed.

The platform is also ideal for Students doing remedial studies. We will have sample tests to help them think positive and pass their exams.

For those studying for the American Scholastic Aptitude Exams we plan to have a sub-platform to help them.

Please enjoy the Website at and let us have your feedback and comments.


Esther Dzahene – Director of Administration & Finance +233-24-121-8182

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso +1-925-961-7554

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