So far so good -Parliamentary Select Committee tells WR minister

A member of the Local Government Committee, Hon. Ibrahim Ahmed has commended the western regional minister and his officers for the work done in providing a suitable alternative for the relocation of traders at the Takoradi market circle.

This was a major challenge during the construction of the Kajetia market in Kumasi and you have learnt lessons from there,” he noted.

He however appealed to the team not to relax on their achievements but extend same to the construction of the actual market.

You started well, and we are impressed, but do not relax on the good works because we are expecting much more from you and your team on the actual project,” he praised the regional minister.

The relocation will pave way for the construction of the first phase of the ultra-modern market at the cost of 8 million euros.

He urged the traders to be supportive in managing the temporary structure to enable the contractors to begin work on the new market.

western regional minister, Parliamentary select committee, Market circle, Takoradi

These temporary structures are meant to ensure your convenience and also give room to the contractors to being work on new market.

Hon. Ahmed who is part of a joint parliamentary select committee made the observations when the members of the committee paid a working visit to the Takoradi market circle to appraise themselves with progress of work on the construction of the ultra-modern market for the region and also to collaborate and work together to ensure that development challenges within the region are resolved.

The Chairman of the Local government and rural development, Hon. Emmanuel Akwesi Gyamfi, also underscored that the level of work on done on the preliminary works and construction of the temporary market structures for the traders makes a strong case for budgetary approval for the construction of the second phase of the market.

He urged the market women to relocate to the temporary market until the completion of construction works on the new market.

The Western regional minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko- Mensah, assured the members of the parliamentary select committee that work will progress steadily and will be completed on time. He mentioned that the traders have up to the end of this month to relocate to the temporary market.

Thanking the market women for their patience and support, he assured that the “we about 2700 stores at the temporary market and the allocation of stores and shed will be done fairly, properly and transparently,” he assured.

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western regional minister, Parliamentary select committee, Market circle, Takoradi

The construction of the Takoradi Market Circle is a 48-million-euro project, which is being financed by an export credit from Deutsche Bank S.p.A Italy, with export credit guarantee support from SACE, the Italian Export Guarantee Agency.

It is being undertaken by Messrs Contracta Costruzioni Italia SLR, and will be completed within 30 calendar months. It will have the following 2,408 stores; 33 restaurants and food courts; bulk breaking areas; visitors parking; union offices; police station; fire station; post office; clinic; administrative offices; waste separation dock; and changing rooms for staff.

The redevelopment of the Market and its associated infrastructure is expected to yield the following benefits: address the underlying cause of fire outbreaks through appropriate specifications, including providing fire detection and combatting systems; upgrade of the drainage system to alleviate flooding and unsanitary conditions; improve social infrastructural facilities such as the toilets, covered drainage networks and health post; and improve waste collection and disposal.

Additionally, the project, once completed, will reduce traffic congestion in the surrounding areas of the market by providing on-site bulk breaking facilities and taking such activities off the main market Circle Road; increase in trading activity due to introduction of visitors parking within the Market Circle; increase the number of rentable shops in the City; and reduce number of vehicular and human points of conflict and congestion around the central business district in the metropolis.

It is also expected to create between 400 to 500 direct jobs and between 1,000 to 2,500 indirect jobs; reorganise all the traders in the market, and formalize the informal economy of the central market; and improve safety and security.

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