First National Bank declares 2021 as the year of home ownership

First National Bank Ghana has declared 2021 as the ‘Year of Home Ownership’ (YOHO2021) to help make home ownership a reality for many Ghanaians.

Announcing the initiative in Accra, the bank described this as a catalyst in driving greater interest in property ownership using home loans (mortgages).

The bank also noted that, it will be used to thoroughly engage consumers with relevant advice on home ownership options whiles introducing them to First National Bank Ghana’s innovative market-leading home loan solutions.

Executive Head of Home Loans Business at First National Bank Ghana, Kojo Addo-Kufuor, stated that the initiative will send the message to Ghanaians that home ownership provides stability and wealth building opportunities.

We understand that housing is a critical need for many, and through the YOHO2021 initiative we aim to help make home ownership a reality for both resident and non-resident Ghanaians. We appreciate some of the perceived hurdles like income, documentation, title issues and credit history, and we want to work with as many Ghanaians to overcome these hurdles to achieve their dreams of owning a property,” he said.

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For the YOHO 2021 period, First National Bank will prioritise the provision of home loan solutions at competitive interest rates for qualifying Ghanaians. There will also be special packages for non-resident Ghanaians working in the diaspora, employees of corporate entities applying as a group as well as self-employed and business owners.

We want to help many people to settle, be safe and comfortable with their families while pursuing their goals.
Through a series of partnership announcements, client interactions and innovative market education campaigns, YOHO2021 will demonstrate how to start and successfully complete the journey to owing to your home,” he further added.

The bank will hold special joint sessions with its key stakeholders to outline and address some of the challenges usually associated with the process of acquiring a property. These include the land agencies, credit bureau and a select group of service providers who facilitate the process of home acquisition in Ghana.

First National Bank also confirmed that as part of planned activities, there will be an opportunity for existing homeowners to demonstrate how they have acquired a property with a home loan. The expectation is that such testimonials will help to allay the fears of those yet to apply for a home loan.

Clearly the journey will not be the same for everyone. Some may buy land and build; others may buy from an estate developer or possibly buy from auctioneers or estate agents. Regardless of your preference, First National Bank is here to provide home loan solutions that will ensure a successful conclusion to each individual’s journey”, he added.

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