“Righting business wrongs heads” to transform the AfCFTA narrative

Arguably the biggest and most innovative Pan-African initiative to hit all Afcfta-watchers sideways is “Righting Business Wrongs” (#RightingBizWrongs) that seeks to help remind Africans to press policy-makers of an enabling environment, where African business can thrive and prosper; and where Afcfta can work equitably for #TheAfricaWeWant.

The week long summit, which will be held from March 8-12, 2021, is organised by an impressive galaxy of Pan-African superstar organisations, including

  • Association of African Universities
  • Global Institute of Planning & Sustainable Development
  • Coalition for Dialogue on Africa (CoDA)
  • Wealth Masters Group
  • AfCFTA Policy Network

UNECA, CoDA, CIPE are proud supporters of the programme and Afcfta Policy Network is a proud partner having produced a Communications strategy, which it is rolling out the whole month of February.

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Here is how veteran private sector activist and key lead Wendell Addy puts it:

The Righting the Wrongs of Doing Business in Africa is  an umbrella private sector  initiative that seeks strong partnership with the public sector for the genuine *transformation of  the continent under the RECs  and AU trade treaties and protocols such as AfCFTA*.  Let us hold together for the realization of the Africa we want and must have


1. Produce a policy reform document for the  enabling business environment at the national, regional and continental levels.

2. Draft A MODEL LAW Bill of Rights for an Enabling Business Environment in Africa. 

African Business and Law Schools with the participation of their students are invited to compete for prizes for the first draft of the Model Law to help formulate the way forward. 

The competition exercise shall offer institutional knowledge base to develop special curriculum on RECs, AfCFTA, WTO, trade policies.

3. Produce A Handbook on “the Ease of Doing Business Under RECs and AfCFTA Trade Integration Policies“.

African Business and Law Schools with the participation of their students  are invited to compete for prizes for the Draft of the Model Law  to help formulate way forward on the Summit.

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