Election 2020: Investment Banker and Entrepreneur to lead Independent Presidential Aspirants

Kofi Koranteng, an investment banker, mechanical engineer, and astute entrepreneur has emerged as the leader of the Independent Presidential Aspirants (IPAs) for this year’s general election. By this, Koranteng would be supported by the Coalition of Independent Political Aspirants (CIPA) to contest the 2020 presidential elections as an independent presidential candidate.

The Independent Political Aspirants included Messrs Marricke Kofi Gane, Carl Ebo Morgan, Samuel Ofori Ampofo, and Onipayede Ossom Teye.

The vision and mission of CIPA are to create a global platform that supports a younger generation of political aspirants who do not subscribe to the current corruption mindset and club mentality of winner-takes-all politics.

A press statement signed by the Chairman of the Steering Committee of CIPA, Dr. Kwaku A. Danso and released on Monday evening noted that “Our global base of independently minded supporters wish to break the monopoly of powers wielded by the NPP/NDC who cannot even declare their source of wealth as they illegally dish out monies and gifts to buy party delegates, and have corrupted our electoral system, broke down most government service functions, and made politics into a den of self-serving bureaucrats”. Independent Presidential Aspirants

Election 2020: Investment Banker and Entrepreneur to lead Independent Presidential Aspirants
Election 2020: Investment Banker and Entrepreneur to lead Independent Presidential Aspirants

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The release said CIPA is extremely proud of being the first organization to effectively pull together a collection of independent presidential aspirants to work together as one team. CIPA has wholeheartedly endorsed the leadership of Mr. Kofi Koranteng as the primus inter pares, the first among equals.

“The character and integrity of all aspirants are very critical to this selection process and it is our mission to usher in an era where the government will act as a facilitator to attract investment capital as well as Ghanaian Diaspora global talent to rebuild Ghana as the black star of Africa and source of black pride in the world,” the statement noted.

The Coalition of Independent Political Aspirants also used the opportunity to counter some of the narratives put out by Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane who earlier announced he has broken ties with the coalition following some developments after the IMANI organized JoyNews Independent Presidential Aspirants and Minor Political Parties Debate.

Kofi Koranteng

As far back as April 2020, it was clear to CIPA that both Kofi Koranteng and Marricke Kofi Gane were the two strongest candidates among the IPA’s, but with CoVID 19 raging and with Koranteng “stuck” in the USA, CIPA suggested that Gane lead the coalition of Independent Political Aspirants.

This decision was based on social media presence, physical presence in Ghana, and with the agreement of the other IPA’s.

The only proviso was that Marricke Kofi Gane appoints Kofi Koranteng as his running mate.

Mr. Gane asked for some time to consider the proposal, especially as he already had a potential running mate in mind.

To ease Gane’s dilemma, Koranteng spoke directly with him and made it clear that he would be willing to step aside and allow Gane to choose his own running mate.

Gane expressed gratitude to him for this gesture. To all intents and purposes, Gane was now the de facto leader of the coalition.

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For the next six weeks, there was no attempt by Marricke Kofi Gane to work with or attempt to consolidate the coalition.

He missed completely, or was late to or left early on ELEVEN (11) occasions out of the TWENTY ONE (21) meetings held, and he basically failed to show any sense of the leadership commitment needed.

CIPA then withdrew the proposal but continued to work with the 5 candidates including Marricke Kofi Gane in the process of selecting a leader of the IPA’s.

Before the IMANI/JOY News Debate, the IPAs and Coalition of Independent Political Aspirants had agreed to some criteria that would help choose a leader.

Inter alia, performance at the debate as measured by two specific polls (Joy News Facebook and Joy News Twitter) would be counted as part of the selection criteria.  Based on these criteria Kofi Koranteng was selected.

CIPA has worked extremely hard over the past 21 weeks with committee members from Australia, Ghana, UK, and USA attempting to keep a united front with the IPAs, but if one wishes to go his own way there is nothing more than CIPA can do.

This part of CIPA’s work is now done.  Going forward the IPAs under the Chairmanship of Ofori Ampofo will be making its own statements and will launch in due course.

Call for support

CIPA, therefore, invites all Ghanaians both home and abroad to donate from their hearts and help it retire the NPP and NDC and attract the youth of Ghana to believe again in ourselves as black people in the second wave of Ghana’s Independence.

The Youth of Ghana should never be deceived again with slogans. With the cooperation of all Ghanaians and our African Diaspora, we can put Ghana back on the right track; stop the massive borrowing that has reached GHC 258 Billion; stop the reckless spending habits; punish corruption, and manage our economy.

We can demonstrate the needed skills to create a modern society; design a more equitable taxation policy; create an open atmosphere for entrepreneurial capital formation, and create jobs for the millions that are not even counted and seem forgotten by the NPP and NDC”.

Anybody willing to support CIPA can donate through

Coalition of Independent Political Aspirants (CIPA)

East Legon, Accra, Ghana

Tel: +233-59-656-4591 (MTN Momo) (George Wilson)

Stanbic Bank Ghana: East Legon Branch, Acct.#: 904000870749

Email: cipagh@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Election 2020: Investment Banker and Entrepreneur to lead Independent Presidential Aspirants

  • September 14, 2020 at 10:42 am

    This is a fucking lie, pardon my French but i will not sit for the Ghanaian public to be decieved. My life mission is to fight for the soul of Ghana. Mr Kofi Koranteng and his cult decided to forgo the initial agreement of the polls and other criteria. We can’t do thing like the NPP NDC. Mr Gane being a man of integrity decided to stay away from any form of corruption.

  • September 14, 2020 at 11:10 am

    Again I am here to say this is a fucking lie. Look CIPA people we are not going to tolerate any NPP NDC type deception.. You people decided to not uphold your initial agreed upon Criteria.. Remember the 5 criterias you all agreed on untill you changed your mind last minute. Mr Gane being a man of integrity decided to leave you guys as he has promised us Ghanaians he will be honest regardless of how it hurt. Please please stop this lies we beg


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